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Ben combines his skills and passion for music and photography for choirs and orchestras, as well as providing headshots to musicians around the country.

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    Here you will find the most common questions asked, but if you can't find the answer you're looking for, just send us a message and we'll get right back to you

    Absolutely! A lot of my work has me travelling around different parts of the UK. I also travel around the world as a tour photographer. Some travel expenses may apply. Contact me for an accurate quote and I’ll get right back to you.

    That’s a great question! I go into this subject in a little more detail in my blog posts but in general we don’t want people to be distracted by your clothes, so muted tones and minimal patterns are probably the best option.

    But it all depends on the style you’re going for.

    I usually send all final imagery via a dropbox download link by email, but in special circumstances I can provide DVDs.

    Absolutely not! I provide all final images watermark-free so that you can share and print them as you please.

    I usually adopt the standard practice amongst photographers of retaining all copyright for the images I take. This enables me to control over the commercial rights to my work and allows me to use my work in my portfolios and promotional media. Don’t worry though! Unless stated otherwise, my clients are granted unlimited but non-exclusive rights to print, share and reproduce the photographs as long as they’re not sold for profit.

    I usually accept cash and BACS transfer, though if something else needs to be arranged we can chat about that specifically for your project.